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Earthquake Insurance

Living in the Coachella valley, in close proximity to the San Andreas fault, presents a unique dilemma for homeowners, condo owners & renters. Should you or shouldn’t you purchase earthquake insurance? Most homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover damage due to earthquakes, so you need to purchase a separate policy to be covered.

A couple of things to think about would be how would you replace your home if it were destroyed or severely damaged in an earthquake, and where would you live while your home is being rebuilt? What if your furnishings were destroyed? An earthquake policy could solve these problems.

There are several options for earthquake insurance: The California Earthquake Authority, an entity established by the California legislature in 1996, has several different insurance companies that participate in their program. Here’s a link to the California Earthquake Authority website where you can find out about earthquake policies and get your own quote:, or we will prepare quotes for you.

Other insurance companies offer their own earthquake coverage. We can quote these for you.

Another option is GeoVera or Pacific Select Insurance Company, private companies that write only earthquake insurance in California, Oregon & Washington. They have Standard & Comprehensive policies that are competitively priced. Just ask us for a quote!

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