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Wedding Insurance

Travelers Insurance offers Peace of Mind for Your Special Day—the Wedding Protector Plan. The average cost of a wedding is now up to $27,000. Why take a chance on something going wrong? For as little as $160.00, your wedding insurance policy can cover:

  • No Dress, Repair or replacing the bride’s wedding gown or groom’s tux
  • Lost Deposits, if a vendor goes out of business
  • Lost Rings, repair or replacement
  • Severe Weather
  • Transportation Shutdown, if you have to postpone because of a commercial transportation shutdown
  • Ruined Photos, Defective film, lost or damaged negatives
  • Call to Duty, unexpected call to Active Duty
  • Damaged Gifts, repair or replacement for damaged gifts
  • Sudden Illness, of the bride, groom or parents
  • Venue Requires Insurance, liability if a guest is injured or causes damage
  • Liquor Liability, liability from alcohol related occurrences
  • Additional Expenses

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